Seven Generations Gestational Diabetes Program

The 7 Generations Gestational Diabetes Prevention Program aims to prevent Gestational Diabetes through education of health care professionals and workers in the field of maternal health. The primary goals of the 7 Generations program includes:

  • Raising awareness of Gestational Diabetes aGestational Diabetes Program Logopart from Type 1 and 2
  • Promote healthy lifestyles during and after pregnancy
  • Explore cultural safety when working with Indigenous families

The coaching events offered through the 7 Generations GDM program target Front Line Workers who are involved in the maternal health field, primarily with Indigenous families at risk of developing Gestational Diabetes. These one day events provide basic education around Gestational Diabetes, including risk factors, complications and treatment

As part of the coaching, each Front Line Worker receives a Facilitators workbook with information, prevention/management strategies and workshops to bring back to their community.

They also receive Pregnancy Wellness Tool Kits for Indigenous families. This tool kit is to encourage healthy pregnancies and prevent/manage Gestational Diabetes and/or Prenatal high glucose.

The tool kit includes:

  • Family portioAwehiyo21n plates
  • Water Diffuser
  • Pregnancy Wellness Journal
  • Pregnancy Family Wellness Guide
  • Access to Sweetgrass Prenatal Yoga Practice
  • Diaper Bag Tote
  • Rose quartz stone

For more information, please contact the Program Coordinator Wendy Hill