IDHC Annual event 2017 “Honour your Life”

The IDHC “Honour Your Life” conference in motion gathered over 150 front line workers together for two days of powerful, interactive and culture-infused sessions.

Our goal was to help front line staff to add to their “bundles” and send them home with tools, activities and teachings that will support their work combating diabetes in their communities.  We heard from community members who told their own personal diabetes story and from Regional Chief Isadore Day who shared his story of making this disease a government priority. 

We learned traditional games to play back home to get our community members more active and took a hike down the gorge to wade into the mighty Niagara River and learn ceremonies.

We shared teachings and activities to promote wellness in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual directions and got to participate in a National webinar sponsored by the Assembly of First Nations.

We made connections with new friends and colleagues who we can now call upon as we continue to do our good work.  Nya’Weh and Miigwetch to all of you for honouring your life!