Yoga for Youth in Moose Cree First Nation

Guest blog post today from Brittany Ann one of our student Yoga instructors in Moose Cree First Nation on teaching yoga classes to young women in her community:

Teaching Yoga 1
Child’s Pose

Today I had the most rewarding experience teaching yoga to 14 young women from grades 6-8 at a First Nations public school. Initially, I was nervous because this was only my second ever yoga class that I instructed. I am still in awe about how respectful the girls were to each other’s yoga experience. The class went better than I could have ever imagined. I was especially amazed at how deeply focused the girls were at trying all the poses, and how they allowed themselves to completely relax during the meditation at the end of class. I loved experimenting with crafting this class by adding age appropriate background music, warm up games & partner poses. The feedback I received from the girls included comments such as: “I feel at peace.” “I feel like my stress is gone away.” “I feel calm.” These comments tell me that these girls were successfully able to connect their mind & body in a relaxing way; which is the major goal that I hope to continue to achieve with future yoga classes.

Congratulations Brittany!

Teaching Yoga 2
Practicing Tree Pose