Nutrition Bingo



The SOADI Nutrition Bingo resource has been inspired by the Health Canada Nutrition Bingo for First Nations and Inuit People. This version is equipped with large colourful pictures which enhances visibility and appeals to the interests of participants of all ages.

The Bingo resource represents various foods from both traditional and contemporary times. The classification of foods is similar to that of Health Canada food guide’s “4 basic food groups.” However as aboriginal people SOADI acknowledges that the traditional Aboriginal, Metis and Inuit diet did not typically include the 5 white gifts (sugar, lard, flour, salt and dairy). The grain group refers largely to foods which includes flour (pasta, bread, bagels etc). Grains that grew naturally to the environment for example various varieties of corn and wild rice were harvested. It has also been said that, there were two kinds of food; food which runs and grows, can you pick them out?

Enjoy this fun game to use as a teaching tool about our peoples nutrition.