IDHC Annual event 2017 “Honour your Life”

The IDHC “Honour Your Life” conference in motion gathered over 150 front line workers together for two days of powerful, interactive and culture-infused sessions.

Our goal was to help front line staff to add to their “bundles” and send them home with tools, activities and teachings that will support their work combating diabetes in their communities.  We heard from community members who told their own personal diabetes story and from Regional Chief Isadore Day who shared his story of making this disease a government priority. 

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Teaching Yoga 2

Yoga for Youth in Moose Cree First Nation

Guest blog post today from Brittany Ann one of our student Yoga instructors in Moose Cree First Nation on teaching yoga classes to young women in her community:

Today I had the most rewarding experience teaching yoga to 14 young women from grades 6-8 at a First Nations public school. Initially, I was nervous because this was only my second ever yoga class that I instructed. I am still in awe about how respectful the girls were to each other’s yoga experience.

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Yoga Trainees

YES Yoga Training at SOADI Head Office


SOADI recently hosted YES 1 (Yoga Exercise Specialist) yoga training at SOADI head office.  This training gives line front line workers and chance to be able to provide their communities safe Hatha Yoga classes for a variety of groups.  The trainees will return in a few months to finish their practical work, complete their teaching hours and write an exam. Congratulations on completing your first step in becoming Yoga instructors.

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